Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Smile Care Clinic

Affordable clinic in Indiranagar.

I had a tooth filling done by Dr. Malathi V, Dental Surgeon for Rs 700/- and took just 10 mins. 

Happy with the service.



Sunday, September 20, 2009

List of Important things

You should be carefull of these thing in your Life..

  • spirital growth

  • Love
  • friends
  • personal growt
  • time with myself
  • contribution to t community
  • Leisure
  • Work
  • other
  • Risk of the day

Also note .. Today I am grateful for


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy birthday India

Dr. Manmohan Singh after hosting the flag, sent out a positive Independence Day message that India had self faith, political stability and economic strength to march towards “a golden future."

The Prime Minister calls for a “new era of cooperation and harmony in our national life.” Asserting that people had rejected in the last election sectarian politics and have “chosen a political arrangement which is secular,” the Prime Minister promises to take every one along and to create “an environment of consensus and cooperation in the country.”

I had bought a flag yesterday a small one and hosted it my self in my room. It really fells great seeing the flag waving. TV channels where playing the national anthem and monophonic vande Matharam. These days remind us the sacrifices of great leaders and soldiers.
TV also were showing patriotic movies like RDB and swadesh to lure the public in a social realm.

Jai Hind!


Friday, July 31, 2009

Why No House for Emraan?

Emraan Hashmi rejected a house in Mumbai. It was told that as he
is a muslim he is not welcome in housing society.It brings a shocking revelation . This has been the case in many places in India, My brother has been
searching a flat in Salt lake calcutta and he is being denied it everywhere he goes.

"Being a celebrity if I'm facing problems in buying a house here,
I wonder what kind of problems others would have been facing.
All the time we are talking about secularism but with such incidents what secularism are people talking about?" asked Emraan.
"Even 62 years after independence, the virus of communalism is alive in an area like Pali Hill, which is known as India's Beverly Hills. It's a serious problem and is the country ready to accept that communal ism is still surviving?" Emraan said.

It may be a personal fight by Emraan to get a house, but it brings a dirty truth out. What there is so much discrimination against Muslims?